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  • Nos coordonnées

    4 rue du Château
    59200 TOURCOING

    Tel : +33 (0)9 64 43 72 72

    Email : contact@amenity.fr

Pour nous, l’échange est source d’enrichissement ; le partage est dans nos gênes. Les billets sont l’expression de nos humeurs, de nos pratiques et de nos savoir-faire. Les nôtres, ceux de nos proches voir notre carnet d’adresses et pourquoi pas, les vôtres.

A conversation is, for us, source of enrichment; sharing is in our genes. The articles express our moods, our practices and our know-how. Ours, those of our close contacts please see our address book and, why not, yours.

Our talents at your service

The human factor is always the main element to contribute to success or failure in any company

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Interim management

Each phase of the life of a company, department or project requires a particular style of management

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Management competences

We can find today the prefix “Co” in many terms associated with the Manager and her team

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Sales approach

Selling is a question of method, routine, practice and above all, interest. Interest for the client and for what we are selling him

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Competence transfer

We have met quite a few companies, whose age pyramid was not linear, this resulting with lots of retirements

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Team Synergy

It is possible that some of your teams in your company haven’t always reached the expected results knowing how to make

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